The book


“Art is not a thing. It is a way”

Elbert Hubbard, 1901

The Art of Standing Out is about finding that way, a different way of doing things that allows us to transform our schools to outstanding and beyond. Schools that are standingout have flipped the traditional Ofsted model on it’s head so that teachers, leaders and pupils are able to stand out in ways that they never before thought were possible.

The Art of Standing Out is not about being the best, but about being better than you ever thought you could be. It’s about going from good to great and beyond in a way that is worthwhile, sustainable and nourishing for all. Were you to tweet the gist of the book, this is what you would write: “How to transform your school in a way that is courteous, wholesome and meaningful for all without giving two hoots to Ofsted.”

The Art of Standing Out is available on Amazon and is published by John Catt Education.

Amazon Reviews

“This is a book about flipping the telescope of how we see our schools. From outstanding to standing out – and the imperative to stop dancing to other people’s tunes. Authentic, moral and courageous a real guide to being your best. This book will resonate with many on their own journey of leadership. Believing in and implementing your own leadership means you believe in change; deep-rooted school improvement and ultimately have a profound belief in all our young people. It is a sweeping tale and much more: It’s about the ultimate public service to our country. Standing Out is about thinking without ‘shackles’, optimistic and heartfelt.” –Ty Goddard, Co-founder of the Education Foundation

“Andrew Morrish has given us a rich, deeply personal, story that is made up of multiple stories that provide insights and questions and a range of ideas. The Art of Standing Out is a timely and powerful book of profound honesty, deep humanity and wisdom. Drawing on a wide range of experiences and ideas Andrew challenges prevailing thinking at many levels but always returns to affirm the centrality of learning in leadership. It is ultimately a profoundly honest account of leadership and a narrative of hope and as such is to be warmly welcomed and deserves to be widely read and debated.” –Prof John West-Burnham, author of Leadership Dialogues: Conversations and activities for leadership teams

“In this passionate and very personal account, Andrew Morrish gives the reader an inspiring reminder of why, now more than ever, school leaders need to have the courage to lead with conviction and belief. But refreshingly, that belief is that anything’s possible and the focus shouldn’t be exam results. He demonstrates throughout the book from his own schools successes, that if you focus on creating the right culture and climate, pupil outcomes cannot help but follow. This is an uplifting reminder of why, if you stick to your core beliefs and values, leading in a school is still one of the best jobs in the world.” –Andy Buck, Leadership Matters.

More praise for The Art of Standing Out

‘A beautiful, inspirational book. I hope it flies off the shelves!’ Richard Gerver

Y‘Written in crystal clear prose. A memorable, uplifting read. I loved it.’ Geoff Barton, General Secretary of ASCL

‘Utterly, utterly gripping … Oh, and hysterically funny.’ Mary Myatt

‘Compelling, moving and practical.’ Russell Hobby, General Secretary of NAHT

‘An enjoyable read, peppered with accumulated wisdom and amusing anecdotes.’ Professor Rob Coe

‘I love this book. If you want to be a school leader then read it.’ Vic Goddard

‘A hugely entertaining read.’ Dame Alison Peacock, CEO of the Chartered College for Teaching

‘A thought-provoking book using deliciously bittersweet moments.’ Ross Morrison McGill (@TeacherToolkit)

‘A compelling story, refreshingly honest and open.’ Zoe Elder

‘A must-read for all aspiring leaders.’ Sue Williamson, CEO of SSAT

‘A book that will make you laugh, cry and think.’ Stephen Tierney

‘A sweeping tale…Optimistic and heartfelt.’ Ty Goddard

‘A timely powerful book that deserves to be widely read and debated.’ Professor John West-Burnham


You can read  extracts from the book here, here and here.

Further extracts from the book have also appeared in articles here, here and here.

To hear a podcast interview of me discussing the book as part of the series ‘A Head of our time’, click here or download it from iTunes.

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